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3.5-4 inches Grass Frogs (Rana forreri) 10/Pk
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Specimens are fixed on formaldehyde, rinsed and packaged in Bio-Fresh (a non-formaldehyde solution).
All-In-One Greenhouse
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Package includes 24 Jiffy-7® Peat Pellets (pot and soil all in one), sturdy base tray (reusable and recyclable), and a clear greenhouse dome.
Basic Aquarium Kit
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13 GALLON - 25.875" x 10" x 18.125" Aqueon 13 Gallon, LED Widescreen Aquarium Kit features a uniquely designed low-profile hood with built-in LED modules. Kit Includes: Size 13 Gallon Glass Aquarium. Low profile full hood with LED lighting. QuietFlow power filtration. Submersible Heater. Premium fish food. Water conditioner. Set-up and care guide. Net. Thermometer.
Chick Life Cycle
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A hands-on model that shows the real thing! This set of 21 plastic eggs opens up to show the stages of a chick development as it is incubated. Last egg opens up to reveal a small fuzzy model chick! Activity guide included.
Dichotomous Keys
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How do scientists identify organisms? Use a dichotomous key to identify a collection of plastic frogs. Design and test your own dichotomous key to identify a collection of plastic lizards. This complete "dry lab" activity contains all required materials.
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