Adult Education and Literacy Donation

Change a life today.
Your generous donation will help an adult learner pay for part if not all of their testing fees.

Currently, there are 3.8 million adults in Texas without a high school diploma. Through your donation you can help an adult learner earn a high school equivalency credential (GED) and allow them an opportunity to succeed in the workforce or enter college. A high school diploma or GED remains the primary ticket to many entry-level jobs, and is also a prerequisite for promotions, occupational training, and post-secondary education. In an ideal society, everyone would graduate from high school. Although that is not a reality today, earning a GED credential has considerable and invaluable impact on recipients self-esteem.

The 2014 GED test is a four-subject equivalency test that measures four subjects: Science, Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning and Reasoning Through Language Arts.

Your contribution will help our students pay for the GED test.

Thank you for your support and transforming our students lives.

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