Vendor Application

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    TEXAS 20 Purchasing Cooperative

      Instructions:  Complete all applicable information, mark appropriate categories, and mail with $50 application fee to address below to be placed on our bid notification list.  Vendors must participate in proposals to remain in database.  Vendors are responsible for updating contact information on a yearly basis. Vendors will be purged after two consecutive school calendar years of inactivity.


    Note:  This is for internal use for bid notification/distribution purposes.  Your company will have to participate in the bidding process for a chance to be awarded.  This application does not automatically include your company on our awarded vendor list.

    * Name of Company

    * Contact Name
       Must be authorized to sign bids, RFP's, offers and/or contracts

    * Title
       position with the company

    * Address

    * City/State

    * Zip

    * Email Address

    * Business Phone Number
       Alternate phone if available

    * Type of Business (Distributor, Manufacturer etc)

     Website address

    * Product and/or Service

    * Federal Identification Number

    * Warehouse/Service Location
       Where do warehouse or service from?

    * Is company a historically underutilized business?

    * Are any of your officers, owners, or partners of your organization relatives of any Education Service Center, Region 20 employee?

    * List three customer references
       Include: company, contact name, and phone number

    * Please indicate which bids you would like to receive?
        Ice Cream
        Main Food (Primary Distributors only)
        Commodity Processing (USDA approved processors only)
        Specialty Food Items
        Frozen, Dry & Specialty Foods

    NOTE:  Vendor name may be removed from the vendor list for failure to respond to bid/proposal request.

    Please make check payable to: ESC-20 and mail to 1314 Hines Avenue, San Antonio, TX  78208.  Payment ($50) must be received within two weeks of submitting this registration form.

    Attn: Jennifer Tinney