Region numberDistrict nameCampus name
2Banquete ISD - ThursdayBanquete Elementary
2Banquete ISD - ThursdayBanquete H S
2Banquete ISD - ThursdayBanquete ISD - Dist. Office
2Banquete ISD - ThursdayBanquete J H
2Banquete ISD - ThursdayBanquete JJAEP
2Driscoll ISD - ThursdayDriscoll Elementary
2Driscoll ISD - ThursdayDriscoll ISD - Dist. Office
2Driscoll ISD - ThursdayDriscoll Middle School
2ESC-2 - TuesdayESC-2 Educational Specialists
2Flour Bluff ISD - WednesdayEarly Childhood Center
2Flour Bluff ISD - WednesdayFlour Bluff Elementary
2Flour Bluff ISD - WednesdayFlour Bluff H S
2Flour Bluff ISD - WednesdayFlour Bluff ISD - Dist. Office
2Flour Bluff ISD - WednesdayFlour Bluff Intermediate
2Flour Bluff ISD - WednesdayFlour Bluff J H
2Flour Bluff ISD - WednesdayFlour Bluff Primary
2Flour Bluff ISD - WednesdayNueces Co J J A E P
2Kenedy County Wide CSD - ThursdayKenedy County Wide CSD - Dist. Office
2Kenedy County Wide CSD - ThursdaySarita Elementary
2La Gloria ISD - ThursdayLa Gloria Elementary
2La Gloria ISD - ThursdayLa Gloria ISD - Dist. Office
2McMullen County ISD - WednesdayMcMullen County ISD - Dist. Office
2McMullen County ISD - WednesdayMcMullen County School
2Odem-Edroy ISD - WednesdayOdem Elementary
2Odem-Edroy ISD - WednesdayOdem H S
2Odem-Edroy ISD - WednesdayOdem J H
2Odem-Edroy ISD - WednesdayOdem-Edroy ISD - Dist. Office
2Premont ISD - ThursdayPremont Central Elementary
2Premont ISD - ThursdayPremont H S
2Premont ISD - ThursdayPremont ISD - Dist. Office
2Premont ISD - ThursdayPremont J H
2Ricardo ISD - ThursdayRicardo Elementary
2Ricardo ISD - ThursdayRicardo ISD - Dist. Office
2Ricardo ISD - ThursdayRicardo Middle
2Riviera ISD - ThursdayDe La Paz Middle
2Riviera ISD - ThursdayKaufer H S
2Riviera ISD - ThursdayNanny Elementary
2Riviera ISD - ThursdayRiviera ISD - Dist. Office
2Santa Gertrudis ISDAcademy H S
2Santa Gertrudis ISDSanta Gertrudis Elementary
2Santa Gertrudis ISDSanta Gertrudis ISD - Dist. Office
3Bay City ISDBay City H S
3Bay City ISDBay City ISD - Dist. Office
3Bay City ISDBay City J H
3Bay City ISDCherry Elementary
3Bay City ISDRoberts Elementary
3Bay City ISDTenie Holmes Elementary
3Boling ISDBoling H S
3Boling ISDBoling ISD - Dist. Office
3Boling ISDIago J H
3Boling ISDNewgulf Elementary
3ESC-3ESC-3 Educational Specialists
3East Bernard ISDEast Bernard Elementary
3East Bernard ISDEast Bernard H S
3East Bernard ISDEast Bernard ISD - Dist. Office
3East Bernard ISDEast Bernard J H
3El Campo ISDEl Campo H S
3El Campo ISDEl Campo ISD - Dist. Office
3El Campo ISDEl Campo Middle
3El Campo ISDHutchins Elementary
3El Campo ISDMyatt Elementary
3El Campo ISDNorthside Elementary
3El Campo ISDSt Philip Sch
3Ganado ISDGanado Elementary
3Ganado ISDGanado H S
3Ganado ISDGanado ISD - Dist. Office
3Goliad ISDGoliad Elementary
3Goliad ISDGoliad H S
3Goliad ISDGoliad ISD - Dist. Office
3Goliad ISDGoliad Middle
3Hallettsville ISDHallettsville Elementary
3Hallettsville ISDHallettsville H S
3Hallettsville ISDHallettsville ISD - Dist. Office
3Hallettsville ISDHallettsville J H
3Karnes City ISDKarnes City H S
3Karnes City ISDKarnes City ISD - Dist. Office
3Karnes City ISDKarnes City J H
3Karnes City ISDKarnes City Primary
3Karnes City ISDRoger E Sides Elementary
3Kenedy ISDKarnes County Academy
3Kenedy ISDKarnes County Elite
3Kenedy ISDKenedy Elementary School
3Kenedy ISDKenedy High School
3Kenedy ISDKenedy ISD - Dist. Office
3Kenedy ISDKenedy Middle School
3Louise ISDLouise Elementary
3Louise ISDLouise H S
3Louise ISDLouise ISD - Dist. Office
3Matagorda ISDMatagorda Elementary
3Matagorda ISDMatagorda ISD - Dist. Office
3Meyersville ISDMeyersville Elementary
3Meyersville ISDMeyersville ISD - Dist. Office
3Nordheim ISDNordheim ISD - Dist. Office
3Nordheim ISDNordheim School
3Shiner ISDShiner Elementary
3Shiner ISDShiner H S
3Tidehaven ISDBlessing Elementary
3Tidehaven ISDMarkham Elementary
3Tidehaven ISDMatagorda Co Alter
3Tidehaven ISDTidehaven H S
3Tidehaven ISDTidehaven ISD - Dist. Office
3Tidehaven ISDTidehaven Int
3Trinity Episcopal SchoolTrinity Episcopal School
3Van Vleck ISDE Rudd Int
3Van Vleck ISDO H Herman Middle
3Van Vleck ISDVan Vleck Elementary
3Van Vleck ISDVan Vleck H S
3Van Vleck ISDVan Vleck ISD - Dist. Office
3Victoria Diocese (Cath)Our Lady Of The Gulf Catholic School
3Victoria Diocese (Cath)Our Lady Of Victory School
3Victoria Diocese (Cath)Sacred Heart School
3Victoria Diocese (Cath)Shiner Catholic School
3Victoria Diocese (Cath)St Philip The Apostle Elementary
3Victoria Diocese (Cath)St Rose Of Lima School
3Victoria ISDAloe Elementary
3Victoria ISDC O Chandler Elementary
3Victoria ISDCrain Elementary
3Victoria ISDDudley Elementary Magnet School
3Victoria ISDF W Gross Montessori Mag
3Victoria ISDGuadalupe Elementary
3Victoria ISDHopkins Magnet Academy
3Victoria ISDHowell Middle
3Victoria ISDJuvenile Detent Ctr
3Victoria ISDLiberty Academy
3Victoria ISDMartin De Leon Elementary
3Victoria ISDMission Valley Elementary
3Victoria ISDMitchell Guidance Center
3Victoria ISDO'Connor Elementary Magnet School
3Victoria ISDPatti Welder Magnet Middle School
3Victoria ISDRowland Elementary Magnet
3Victoria ISDShields Elementary Magnet School
3Victoria ISDSmith Elementary Magnet
3Victoria ISDStroman Middle
3Victoria ISDVickers Elementary
3Victoria ISDVictoria ISD - Dist. Office
3Victoria ISDWilliam Wood Elementary
3Vysehrad ISDVysehrad Elementary
3Vysehrad ISDVysehrad ISD - Dist. Office
3Weimar ISDWeimar Elementary
3Weimar ISDWeimar H S
3Weimar ISDWeimar ISD - Dist. Office
3Weimar ISDWeimar J H
3Westhoff ISDG O A L S Program
3Westhoff ISDWesthoff Elementary
3Westhoff ISDWesthoff ISD - Dist. Office
3Wharton ISDC G Sivells Elementary
3Wharton ISDC W Dawson Elementary
3Wharton ISDFirst Baptish Child Devel
3Wharton ISDMinnie Mae Hopper Elementary
3Wharton ISDRainbow Pre-School
3Wharton ISDWharton Elem
3Wharton ISDWharton H S
3Wharton ISDWharton ISD - Dist. Office
3Wharton ISDWharton J H
3Yorktown ISDYorktown Elementary
3Yorktown ISDYorktown H S
3Yorktown ISDYorktown ISD - Dist. Office
3Yorktown ISDYorktown J H
13Comfort ISD - ThursdayComfort Elementary
13Comfort ISD - ThursdayComfort H S
13Comfort ISD - ThursdayComfort ISD - Dist. Office
13Comfort ISD - ThursdayComfort Middle
13Comfort ISD - ThursdayHill Country High School
13Del Valle ISD - TuesdayBaty Elementary
13Del Valle ISD - TuesdayCreedmoor Elementary
13Del Valle ISD - TuesdayDAILEY MIDDLE
13Del Valle ISD - TuesdayDel Valle Elementary School
13Del Valle ISD - TuesdayDel Valle H S
13Del Valle ISD - TuesdayDel Valle ISD - Dist. Office
13Del Valle ISD - TuesdayDel Valle J H
13Del Valle ISD - TuesdayDel Valle Opportunity Ctr
13Del Valle ISD - TuesdayGilbert Elementary
13Del Valle ISD - TuesdayHillcrest Elementary
13Del Valle ISD - TuesdayHornsby-Dunlap Elementary
13Del Valle ISD - TuesdayJohn P Ojeda Jr High
13Del Valle ISD - TuesdayPopham Elementary
13Del Valle ISD - TuesdaySmith Elementary
13Flatonia ISD - ThursdayFlatonia Elementary
13Flatonia ISD - ThursdayFlatonia ISD - Dist. Office
13Flatonia ISD - ThursdayFlatonia Secondary
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayAnnie Purl Elementary
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayCarver Elementary
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayCharles A Forbes Middle School
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayChip Richarte H S
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayDell Pickett Elementary
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayDouglas Benold Middle
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayEagle Wings Child Development Center
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayFrost Elementary
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayGeorgetown 9th Grade
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayGeorgetown Alter Prog
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayGeorgetown H S
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayJames Tippit Middle
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayJo Ann Ford Elementary
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayPat Cooper Elementary
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayRaye Mccoy Elementary
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayThe Village Elementary
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayWagner Middle
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayWilliams Elementary
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayWilliamson Co J J A E P
13Georgetown ISD - WednesdayWm S Lott Juvenile Ctr
13Giddings ISD - MondayGiddings Elementary
13Giddings ISD - MondayGiddings H S
13Giddings ISD - MondayGiddings ISD - Dist. Office
13Giddings ISD - MondayGiddings Int
13Giddings ISD - MondayGiddings Middle
13Giddings ISD - MondayKnox Learning Ctr
13Hays CISD - TuesdayAlter Impact Ctr
13Hays CISD - TuesdayArmando Chapa M S
13Hays CISD - TuesdayBlanco Vista Elem
13Hays CISD - TuesdayBuda Elementary
13Hays CISD - TuesdayDahlstrom Middle School
13Hays CISD - TuesdayDr TC McCormick Jr Middle
13Hays CISD - TuesdayElm Grove Elementary
13Hays CISD - TuesdayGreen Elementary
13Hays CISD - TuesdayHemphill Elementary
13Hays CISD - TuesdayJack C Hays H S
13Hays CISD - TuesdayKyle Elementary
13Hays CISD - TuesdayLehman High School
13Hays CISD - TuesdayNegley Elementary
13Hays CISD - TuesdayR C Barton Middle School
13Hays CISD - TuesdayRosalio Tobias International School
13Hays CISD - TuesdayScience Hall Elementary
13Hays CISD - TuesdaySusie Fuentes Elementary
13Hays CISD - TuesdayUhland Elementary
13Hays CISD - TuesdayWallace Middle School
13Llano ISD - ThursdayLlano Elementary
13Llano ISD - ThursdayLlano H S
13Llano ISD - ThursdayLlano ISD - Dist. Office
13Llano ISD - ThursdayLlano Junior High
13Llano ISD - ThursdayPacksaddle Elementary
13Marble Falls ISD - ThursdayColt Elementary
13Marble Falls ISD - ThursdayFalls Career H S
13Marble Falls ISD - ThursdayHighland Lakes Elementary
13Marble Falls ISD - ThursdayMarble Falls Elementary
13Marble Falls ISD - ThursdayMarble Falls High School
13Marble Falls ISD - ThursdayMarble Falls ISD - Dist. Office
13Marble Falls ISD - ThursdayMarble Falls Middle School
13Marble Falls ISD - ThursdaySpicewood Elementary
13Pflugerville ISD - WednesdayCele Middle
13Pflugerville ISD - WednesdayDessau Middle School
13Pflugerville ISD - WednesdayKelly Lane M S
13Pflugerville ISD - WednesdayPark Crest Middle
13Pflugerville ISD - WednesdayPflugerville Middle
13Pflugerville ISD - WednesdayWestview Middle
13Round Rock ISD - FridayAnderson Mill Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayBlackland Prairie Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayBluebonnet Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayBrushy Creek Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayC D Fulkes Middle
13Round Rock ISD - FridayCEDAR RIDGE H S
13Round Rock ISD - FridayCactus Ranch Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayCaldwell Heights Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayCallison Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayCanyon Creek Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayCanyon Vista Middle
13Round Rock ISD - FridayCedar Valley Middle
13Round Rock ISD - FridayChandler Oaks Elem
13Round Rock ISD - FridayChisholm Trail Middle
13Round Rock ISD - FridayClaude Berkman Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayDeep Wood Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayDeerpark Middle
13Round Rock ISD - FridayDouble File Trail Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayElementary Daep
13Round Rock ISD - FridayElsa England Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayFern Bluff Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayForest Creek Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayForest North Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayGattis Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayGoals
13Round Rock ISD - FridayGreat Oaks Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayHopewell Middle
13Round Rock ISD - FridayJoe Lee Johnson Elem
13Round Rock ISD - FridayJollyville Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayKathy Caraway Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayLaurel Mountain Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayLinda Herrington Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayLive Oak Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayMcNeil H S
13Round Rock ISD - FridayNew Middle School At McNeil
13Round Rock ISD - FridayNoel Grisham Middle
13Round Rock ISD - FridayOld Town Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayPearson Ranch Middle
13Round Rock ISD - FridayPond Springs Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayPurple Sage Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayRRISD Early College High
13Round Rock ISD - FridayRidgeview Middle School
13Round Rock ISD - FridayRound Rock H S
13Round Rock ISD - FridayRound Rock ISD - Dist. Office
13Round Rock ISD - FridayRound Rock Opport Ctr
13Round Rock ISD - FridaySommer Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridaySpicewood Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayStony Point High School
13Round Rock ISD - FridayStony Point Ninth Grade Campus
13Round Rock ISD - FridaySuccess High
13Round Rock ISD - FridaySuccess Program East
13Round Rock ISD - FridayTeravista Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayUnion Hill Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayVic Robertson Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayWalsh Middle School
13Round Rock ISD - FridayWells Branch Elementary
13Round Rock ISD - FridayWestwood H S
13Round Rock ISD - FridayWilliamson Co J J A E P
13Round Rock ISD - FridayWm S Lott Juvenile Ctr
13Round Rock ISD - FridayXenia Voigt Elementary
13Schulenburg ISD - ThursdaySchulenburg Elementary
13Schulenburg ISD - ThursdaySchulenburg ISD - Dist. Office
13Schulenburg ISD - ThursdaySchulenburg Secondary
13Texas Sch For The Deaf - WednesdayTexas Sch For The Deaf - Dist. Office
13Texas Sch For The Deaf - WednesdayTx Sch For Deaf H S-Mid
20Alamo Heights ISDAlamo Heights H S
20Alamo Heights ISDAlamo Heights ISD - Dist. Office
20Alamo Heights ISDAlamo Heights J H
20Alamo Heights ISDCambridge Elementary
20Alamo Heights ISDHoward Elementary
20Alamo Heights ISDWoodridge Elementary
20Bandera ISDAlkek Elementary
20Bandera ISDBandera H S
20Bandera ISDBandera ISD - Dist. Office
20Bandera ISDBandera Middle
20Bandera ISDHill Country Elementary
20Brackett ISDBrackett H S
20Brackett ISDBrackett Junior High
20Brackett ISDJones Elementary
20Brooks Academies of TexasBrooks Academy of Texas
20Brooks Academies of TexasBrooks Academy of Texas - Collegiate Academy
20Brooks Academies of TexasBrooks Academy of Texas - Lonestar
20Brooks Academies of TexasBrooks Academy of Texas - Oaks
20Carrizo Springs CISDAsherton Elementary
20Carrizo Springs CISDBig Wells Elementary
20Carrizo Springs CISDCarrizo Springs CISD - Dist. Office
20Carrizo Springs CISDCarrizo Springs Elementary
20Carrizo Springs CISDCarrizo Springs H S
20Carrizo Springs CISDCarrizo Springs Intermediate
20Carrizo Springs CISDCarrizo Springs J H
20Center Point ISDCenter Point Elementary
20Center Point ISDCenter Point H S
20Center Point ISDCenter Point ISD - Dist. Office
20Center Point ISDCenter Point Middle
20Charlotte ISDCharlotte Elementary
20Charlotte ISDCharlotte H S
20Charlotte ISDCharlotte ISD - Dist. Office
20Charlotte ISDCharlotte J H
20Concordia Lutheran SchoolConcordia Lutheran School
20Cornerstone Christian SchoolCornerstone Christian School
20Cotulla ISDCotulla Alternative
20Cotulla ISDCotulla H S
20Cotulla ISDCotulla ISD - Dist. Office
20Cotulla ISDEncinal Elementary
20Cotulla ISDFrank Newman Middle
20Cotulla ISDRamirez-Burks Elementary
20D'Hanis ISDD'Hanis ISD - Dist. Office
20D'Hanis ISDD'Hanis School
20Devine ISDDevine High School
20Devine ISDDevine ISD - Dist. Office
20Devine ISDDevine Intermediate School
20Devine ISDDevine Middle School
20Devine ISDJohn J Ciavarra Elementary
20Dilley ISDAlternative Center
20Dilley ISDDilley Elementary
20Dilley ISDDilley H S
20Dilley ISDDilley ISD - Dist. Office
20Dilley ISDMary Harper Middle
20ESC-20ESC-20 Educational Specialists
20East Central ISDBexar County Lrn Ctr
20East Central ISDEast Central Dev Ctr
20East Central ISDEast Central H S
20East Central ISDEast Central Heritage Middle
20East Central ISDEast Central ISD - Dist. Office
20East Central ISDHarmony Elementary
20East Central ISDHighland Forest Elementary
20East Central ISDLegacy Middle School
20East Central ISDOak Crest Elem
20East Central ISDPecan Valley Elementary
20East Central ISDSalado Int
20East Central ISDSinclair Elementary
20East Central ISDTradition Elem
20Edgewood ISDAlonso S Perales Elementary School
20Edgewood ISDBrentwood Middle School
20Edgewood ISDBurleson Early Childhood Center
20Edgewood ISDCardenas Early Childhood Center
20Edgewood ISDCoronado/Escobar Elementary School
20Edgewood ISDE T Wrenn Middle School
20Edgewood ISDEdgewood Academy
20Edgewood ISDGardendale Elementary School
20Edgewood ISDGus Garcia Middle School
20Edgewood ISDH B Gonzalez Elementary School
20Edgewood ISDJohn F Kennedy High School
20Edgewood ISDL B Johnson Elementary School
20Edgewood ISDLas Palmas Elementary School
20Edgewood ISDLoma Park Elementary School
20Edgewood ISDMemorial High School
20Edgewood ISDRoosevelt Elementary School
20Edgewood ISDRoy Cisneros Elementary
20Edgewood ISDStafford Early Childhood Center
20Edgewood ISDStafford Elementary School
20Edgewood ISDTruman Middle School
20Edgewood ISDWinston Elementary School
20Floresville ISDFloresville H S
20Floresville ISDFloresville Middle
20Floresville ISDWilson Co J J A E P
20Ft Sam Houston ISDFt Sam Houston Elementary
20Ft Sam Houston ISDFt Sam Houston ISD - Dist. Office
20Ft Sam Houston ISDRobert G Cole Jr-Sr High School
20Harlandale ISDA Leal Jr Middle School
20Harlandale ISDBellaire Elementary
20Harlandale ISDCarroll Bell Elementary
20Harlandale ISDCollier Elementary
20Harlandale ISDColumbia Heights Elementary
20Harlandale ISDE H Gilbert Elementary
20Harlandale ISDFenley Transitional High School
20Harlandale ISDGillette Elementary
20Harlandale ISDH W Schulze Elementary
20Harlandale ISDHarlandale H S
20Harlandale ISDHarlandale ISD - Dist. Office
20Harlandale ISDHarlandale Middle School
20Harlandale ISDJewel C Wietzel Center
20Harlandale ISDKingsborough Middle School
20Harlandale ISDMcCollum High School
20Harlandale ISDMorrill Elementary
20Harlandale ISDRayburn Elementary
20Harlandale ISDSTEM Early College High
20Harlandale ISDScheh Center
20Harlandale ISDStonewall/Flanders Elementary
20Harlandale ISDTejeda Junior Academy
20Harlandale ISDTerrell Wells Middle School
20Harlandale ISDV M Adams Elementary
20Harlandale ISDVestal Elementary
20Harlandale ISDWright Elementary
20Hill Country Montessori SchoolHill Country Montessori School
20Hondo ISDDetention Ctr
20Hondo ISDHondo H S
20Hondo ISDMcDowell Middle School
20Hondo ISDMeyer Elementary
20Hondo ISDNewell E Woolls Intermediate
20Ingram ISDIngram Elementary
20Ingram ISDIngram Middle
20Ingram ISDIngram-Tom Moore H S
20Jourdanton ISDJourdanton Elementary
20Jourdanton ISDJourdanton H S
20Jourdanton ISDJourdanton ISD - Dist. Office
20Jourdanton ISDJourdanton J H
20Jubilee Academic CenterJubilee Academic Center - Dist. Office
20Jubilee Academic CenterJubilee Highland Hill
20Jubilee Academic CenterJubilee Highland Park
20Jubilee Academic CenterJubilee Lakeview University Prep
20Jubilee Academic CenterJubilee San Antonio
20Judson ISDAlter Sch
20Judson ISDCandlewood Elementary
20Judson ISDConverse Elementary
20Judson ISDCopperfield Elementary
20Judson ISDCoronado Village Elementary
20Judson ISDCrestview Elementary
20Judson ISDEd Franz Elementary
20Judson ISDElolf Elementary
20Judson ISDEscondido Elem
20Judson ISDHenry Metzger Middle School
20Judson ISDHopkins Elementary
20Judson ISDJudson High School
20Judson ISDJudson ISD - Dist. Office
20Judson ISDJudson Learning Acad
20Judson ISDKaren Wagner High School
20Judson ISDKirby Middle
20Judson ISDKitty Hawk Middle
20Judson ISDMary Lou Hartman
20Judson ISDMiller Point Elementary
20Judson ISDOlympia Elementary
20Judson ISDPark Village Elementary
20Judson ISDSpring Meadows Elementary
20Judson ISDThompson Ctr
20Judson ISDVeterans Memorial High
20Judson ISDWilliam Paschall Elementary
20Judson ISDWoodlake Elementary
20Judson ISDWoodlake Hills Middle
20Judson ISDWortham Oaks Elem
20Kerrville ISDB T Wilson Sixth Grade School
20Kerrville ISDDaniels Elementary
20Kerrville ISDFred H Tally Elementary
20Kerrville ISDHead Start
20Kerrville ISDHill Country High School
20Kerrville ISDNimitz Elementary
20Kerrville ISDPeterson Middle
20Kerrville ISDStarkey Elementary
20Kerrville ISDTivy H S
20Keystone SchoolKeystone Lower
20Keystone SchoolKeystone Middle
20Keystone SchoolKeystone Upper
20Kipp Aspire AcademyKIPP Camino Academy
20Kipp Aspire AcademyKIPP Poder Academy
20Kipp Aspire AcademyKIPP Un Mundo Dual Language
20Kipp Aspire AcademyKIPP University Prep High School
20Kipp Aspire AcademyKipp Aspire Academy
20Kipp Aspire AcademyKipp Esperanza Dual Language
20La Vernia ISDLa Vernia Elementary
20La Vernia ISDLa Vernia High School
20La Vernia ISDLa Vernia ISD - Dist. Office
20La Vernia ISDLa Vernia Junior High School
20La Vernia ISDLa Vernia Primary
20La Vernia ISDWilson Co J J A E P
20Lackland ISDLackland Elementary
20Lackland ISDLackland ISD - Dist. Office
20Lackland ISDVirginia Allred Stacey Jr/Sr H S
20Leakey ISDLeakey ISD - Dist. Office
20Leakey ISDLeakey School
20Lytle ISDLytle Elementary
20Lytle ISDLytle H S
20Lytle ISDLytle Junior High School
20Lytle ISDLytle Primary School
20Marion ISDBert Karrer Elem
20Marion ISDMarion H S
20Marion ISDMarion ISD - Dist. Office
20Marion ISDMarion Middle
20Marion ISDNorma Krueger Elem
20Meadowland Charter DistrictMeadowland Charter District
20Meadowland Charter DistrictMeadowland Lakes Academy
20Meadowland Charter DistrictMeadowland-Oaks Academy
20Meadowland Charter DistrictMeadowland-Stepping Stones Academy
20Meadowland Charter DistrictMeadowlands Charter
20Medina ISDMedina Elementary
20Medina ISDMedina H S
20Medina ISDMedina ISD - Dist. Office
20Medina Valley ISDCastroville Elementary
20Medina Valley ISDLacoste Elementary
20Medina Valley ISDLuckey Ranch Elementary
20Medina Valley ISDMedina Valley H S
20Medina Valley ISDMedina Valley ISD - Dist. Office
20Medina Valley ISDMedina Valley Loma Alta Middle School
20Medina Valley ISDMedina Valley Middle School
20Medina Valley ISDPotranco Elementary
20Natalia ISDNatalia Early Child Ctr
20Natalia ISDNatalia Elementary
20Natalia ISDNatalia H S
20Natalia ISDNatalia ISD - Dist. Office
20Natalia ISDNatalia J H
20New Frontiers Charter SchoolFrank Madla Accelerated Collegiate Academy
20New Frontiers Charter SchoolFrank Madla Early College
20New Frontiers Charter SchoolNew Frontiers Public Schools Inc
20North East ISDAcademy Of Creative Ed
20North East ISDAlter H S
20North East ISDAlter Middle
20North East ISDBernard Harris Middle
20North East ISDBradley Middle
20North East ISDBulverde Creek
20North East ISDBush Middle
20North East ISDCamelot Elementary
20North East ISDCanyon Ridge Elementary
20North East ISDCastle Hills Elementary
20North East ISDCenter Sch
20North East ISDChildren's Intervention
20North East ISDChurchill H S
20North East ISDClaudia (Ladybird) Johnson HS
20North East ISDClear Spring Elementary
20North East ISDCoker Elementary
20North East ISDColonial Hills Elementary
20North East ISDDellview Elementary
20North East ISDDriscoll Middle
20North East ISDEast Terrell Hills Elementary
20North East ISDEisenhower Middle
20North East ISDEl Dorado Elementary
20North East ISDEncino Park Elementary
20North East ISDFox Run Elementary
20North East ISDFrank Tejeda Middle School
20North East ISDGarner Middle
20North East ISDHardy Oak Elementary
20North East ISDHarmony Hills Elementary
20North East ISDHidden Forest Elementary
20North East ISDHill Middle
20North East ISDHuebner Elementary
20North East ISDInternational School Of America (Lee HS)
20North East ISDJackson Middle
20North East ISDJackson-Keller Elementary
20North East ISDJose M Lopez Middle
20North East ISDKrueger Middle
20North East ISDLarkspur Elementary
20North East ISDLas Lomas Elem
20North East ISDLee H S
20North East ISDLongs Creek Elementary
20North East ISDMacarthur H S
20North East ISDMadison H S
20North East ISDMontgomery Elementary
20North East ISDNimitz Middle
20North East ISDNorth East ISD - Dist. Office
20North East ISDNorth East J J A E P
20North East ISDNorthern Hills Elementary
20North East ISDNorthwood Elementary
20North East ISDOak Grove Elementary
20North East ISDOak Meadow Elementary
20North East ISDOlmos Elementary
20North East ISDReagan H S
20North East ISDRedland Oaks Elementary
20North East ISDRegency Place Elementary
20North East ISDRidgeview Elementary
20North East ISDRoan Forest Elementary
20North East ISDRoosevelt H S
20North East ISDRoyal Ridge Elementary
20North East ISDSerna Elementary
20North East ISDStahl Elementary
20North East ISDSteubing Ranch Elementary
20North East ISDStone Oak Elementary
20North East ISDThousand Oaks Elementary
20North East ISDVineyard Ranch Elem
20North East ISDWalzem Elementary
20North East ISDWest Avenue Elementary
20North East ISDWetmore Elementary
20North East ISDWhite Middle
20North East ISDWilderness Oak Elementary
20North East ISDWilshire Elementary
20North East ISDWindcrest Elementary
20North East ISDWood Middle
20North East ISDWoodstone Elementary
20Northside ISDAdams Hill Es
20Northside ISDAllen Elementary
20Northside ISDAlternative HS
20Northside ISDAlternative MS North
20Northside ISDAlternative MS South
20Northside ISDAue Elementary
20Northside ISDBEHLAU EL
20Northside ISDBRENNAN H S
20Northside ISDBeard Es
20Northside ISDBernal Middle
20Northside ISDBlattman Es
20Northside ISDBoldt Elem
20Northside ISDBoone Es
20Northside ISDBrandeis H S
20Northside ISDBrauchle Es
20Northside ISDBraun Station Es
20Northside ISDBurke Es
20Northside ISDCable Es
20Northside ISDCarlos Coon Es
20Northside ISDCarson Es
20Northside ISDClark HS
20Northside ISDCody Es
20Northside ISDCole Elem
20Northside ISDColonies North Es
20Northside ISDConnally MS
20Northside ISDDriggers Elementary
20Northside ISDEllison Elementary
20Northside ISDElrod Es
20Northside ISDEsparza Es
20Northside ISDEvelyn Scarborough ES
20Northside ISDEvers Es
20Northside ISDExcel Academy
20Northside ISDFernandez Es
20Northside ISDFields Elem
20Northside ISDFisher Es
20Northside ISDFolks Middle
20Northside ISDFranklin Elementary
20Northside ISDGalm Es
20Northside ISDGlass Es
20Northside ISDGlenn Es
20Northside ISDGlenoaks Es
20Northside ISDHarlan High
20Northside ISDHatchett Es
20Northside ISDHealth Careers HS
20Northside ISDHelotes Es
20Northside ISDHobby MS
20Northside ISDHolmes HS
20Northside ISDHolmgreen Center
20Northside ISDHowsman Es
20Northside ISDHull Es
20Northside ISDJay HS
20Northside ISDJefferson M S
20Northside ISDJones MS
20Northside ISDJordan MS
20Northside ISDKUENTZ ES
20Northside ISDKallison Elem
20Northside ISDKnowlton Es
20Northside ISDKrueger Es
20Northside ISDLeon Springs Es
20Northside ISDLeon Valley Es
20Northside ISDLewis Es
20Northside ISDLieck Elementary
20Northside ISDLinton Es
20Northside ISDLocke Hill Es
20Northside ISDLos Reyes El
20Northside ISDLuna MS
20Northside ISDMARTIN EL
20Northside ISDMIRELES Elementary
20Northside ISDMarshall HS
20Northside ISDMay Es
20Northside ISDMcAndrew Elementary
20Northside ISDMcDermott Es
20Northside ISDMead Es
20Northside ISDMeadow Village Es
20Northside ISDMichael Es
20Northside ISDMora Elementary
20Northside ISDMurnin Es
20Northside ISDMyers Es
20Northside ISDNeff MS
20Northside ISDNichols Es
20Northside ISDNora Forester ES
20Northside ISDNorthside ISD - Dist. Office
20Northside ISDNorthwest Crossing Es
20Northside ISDO'Connor HS
20Northside ISDOak Hills Terrace Es
20Northside ISDOtt Es
20Northside ISDPassmore Es
20Northside ISDPease MS
20Northside ISDPeggy Carnahan ES
20Northside ISDPowell Es
20Northside ISDRaba Es
20Northside ISDRawlinson MS
20Northside ISDRayburn MS
20Northside ISDRhodes Es
20Northside ISDRobert L. Vale MS
20Northside ISDRoss MS
20Northside ISDRudder MS
20Northside ISDScobee Es
20Northside ISDSteubing Es
20Northside ISDStevens HS
20Northside ISDStevenson MS
20Northside ISDStinson MS
20Northside ISDTaft HS
20Northside ISDThornton Es
20Northside ISDTimberwilde Es
20Northside ISDValley Hi Es
20Northside ISDVillarreal Es
20Northside ISDVocational Transition Program
20Northside ISDWanke Es
20Northside ISDWard Es
20Northside ISDWarren HS
20Northside ISDWestwood Terrace Es
20Northside ISDZachry MS
20Pearsall ISDPearsall H S
20Pearsall ISDPearsall ISD - Dist. Office
20Pearsall ISDPearsall Int
20Pearsall ISDPearsall J H
20Pearsall ISDTed Flores Elementary
20Pleasanton ISDC A R E Academy
20Pleasanton ISDLeming Elementary
20Pleasanton ISDPleasanton Elementary
20Pleasanton ISDPleasanton H S
20Pleasanton ISDPleasanton Intermediate
20Pleasanton ISDPleasanton J H
20Pleasanton ISDPleasanton Primary
20Positive Solutions Charter SchoolPositive Solutions Charter
20Positive Solutions Charter SchoolPositive Solutions Charter School - Dist. Office
20Poteet ISDPoteet Elementary
20Poteet ISDPoteet H S
20Poteet ISDPoteet ISD - Dist. Office
20Poteet ISDPoteet Intermediate
20Poteet ISDPoteet J H
20Poth ISDFloresville Ed Alter Ctr
20Poth ISDPoth Choice Program
20Poth ISDPoth Elementary
20Poth ISDPoth H S
20Poth ISDPoth ISD - Dist. Office
20Poth ISDPoth J H
20Poth ISDWilson Co J J A E P
20Randolph Field ISDRandolph Elementary
20Randolph Field ISDRandolph Field ISD - Dist. Office
20Randolph Field ISDRandolph H S
20Randolph Field ISDRandolph Middle
20Sabinal ISDSabinal Elementary
20Sabinal ISDSabinal H S
20Sabinal ISDSabinal ISD - Dist. Office
20Sabinal ISDSabinal J H
20Saint Mary's HallSt Mary's Hall Lower
20Saint Mary's HallSt Mary's Hall Middle
20Saint Mary's HallSt Mary's Hall Pre-K
20Saint Mary's HallSt Mary's Hall Upper
20San Antonio AcademySan Antonio Academy
20San Antonio Archdiocese (Cath)Antonian College Prep High School
20San Antonio Archdiocese (Cath)Blessed Sacrament Parish School
20San Antonio Archdiocese (Cath)Incarnate Word High School
20San Antonio Archdiocese (Cath)Mt Sacred Heart School
20San Antonio Archdiocese (Cath)Our Lady Of Perp Help School
20San Antonio Archdiocese (Cath)Providence Catholic School
20San Antonio Archdiocese (Cath)St Anthony Catholic High School
20San Antonio Archdiocese (Cath)St Gerard Catholic High School
20San Antonio Archdiocese (Cath)St Gregory The Great Catholic School
20San Antonio Archdiocese (Cath)St James Catholic School
20San Antonio Christian SchSan Antonio Christian School Elem
20San Antonio Christian SchSan Antonio Christian School High
20San Antonio Christian SchSan Antonio Christian School Jr High
20San Antonio ISDAdvanced Learning Academy-Euclid
20San Antonio ISDArnold Elementary
20San Antonio ISDAustin Academy
20San Antonio ISDBall Dual Language Academy
20San Antonio ISDBarkley-Ruiz Elementary
20San Antonio ISDBaskin Elementary
20San Antonio ISDBeacon Hill Academy
20San Antonio ISDBexar County Juvenile Justice Academy
20San Antonio ISDBonham Academy
20San Antonio ISDBowden Academy
20San Antonio ISDBowie Elementary
20San Antonio ISDBrackenridge H S
20San Antonio ISDBrewer Academy
20San Antonio ISDBriscoe Elementary
20San Antonio ISDBurbank H S
20San Antonio ISDCAST Tech High
20San Antonio ISDCameron Elementary
20San Antonio ISDCarroll Early Childhood Ctr.
20San Antonio ISDCarvajal Early Childhood Ctr.
20San Antonio ISDChildren's Shelter Of Sa
20San Antonio ISDCollins Garden Elementary
20San Antonio ISDConnell Middle
20San Antonio ISDCooper Academy at Navarro
20San Antonio ISDCotton Academy
20San Antonio ISDCrockett Academy
20San Antonio ISDDavis Middle
20San Antonio ISDDe Zavala Elementary
20San Antonio ISDDemocracy Prep Stewart
20San Antonio ISDDouglas Academy
20San Antonio ISDEdison H S
20San Antonio ISDEstrada Achievement Center
20San Antonio ISDFenwick Academy
20San Antonio ISDForbes Academy
20San Antonio ISDFoster Academy
20San Antonio ISDFox Technical H S
20San Antonio ISDFranklin Elementary
20San Antonio ISDGates Elementary
20San Antonio ISDGonzales Early Childhood Center
20San Antonio ISDGraebner Elementary
20San Antonio ISDGreen Academy
20San Antonio ISDHarris Middle
20San Antonio ISDHawthorne Academy
20San Antonio ISDHealy-Murphy
20San Antonio ISDHerff Academy
20San Antonio ISDHighland Hills Elementary
20San Antonio ISDHighland Park Elementary
20San Antonio ISDHighlands H S
20San Antonio ISDHillcrest Elementary
20San Antonio ISDHirsch Elementary
20San Antonio ISDHouston H S
20San Antonio ISDHuppertz Elementary
20San Antonio ISDIrving Dual Language
20San Antonio ISDJ T Brackenridge Elementary
20San Antonio ISDJaphet Academy
20San Antonio ISDJefferson High
20San Antonio ISDKelly Elementary
20San Antonio ISDKnox Early Childhood Ctr.
20San Antonio ISDLamar Elementary
20San Antonio ISDLanier H S
20San Antonio ISDLongfellow Middle
20San Antonio ISDLowell Middle
20San Antonio ISDM L King Academy
20San Antonio ISDMadison Elementary
20San Antonio ISDMargil Academy
20San Antonio ISDMaverick Elementary
20San Antonio ISDMiller Elementary
20San Antonio ISDMission Academy
20San Antonio ISDNavarro High
20San Antonio ISDNeal Elementary
20San Antonio ISDNelson Early Childhood
20San Antonio ISDOgden Academy
20San Antonio ISDPage Middle
20San Antonio ISDPershing Elementary
20San Antonio ISDPfeiffer Academy
20San Antonio ISDPickett Academy
20San Antonio ISDPickett Center
20San Antonio ISDPoe Middle
20San Antonio ISDRhodes Middle
20San Antonio ISDRiverside Park Academy
20San Antonio ISDRodriguez Elementary
20San Antonio ISDRogers Academy
20San Antonio ISDRogers Middle
20San Antonio ISDSan Antonio ISD - Dist. Office
20San Antonio ISDSarah S King Elementary
20San Antonio ISDSchenck Elementary
20San Antonio ISDSmith Elementary
20San Antonio ISDSt. Philips Early College High School
20San Antonio ISDSteele Montessori
20San Antonio ISDStorm Elementary
20San Antonio ISDTafolla Middle
20San Antonio ISDTravis Early College
20San Antonio ISDTwain Dual Language Academy
20San Antonio ISDTynan Early Childhood Ctr.
20San Antonio ISDWashington Elementary
20San Antonio ISDWheatley Middle
20San Antonio ISDWhittier Middle
20San Antonio ISDWilson Elementary
20San Antonio ISDWoodlawn Academy
20San Antonio ISDWoodlawn Hills Elementary
20San Antonio ISDYoung Men’s Leadership Elem
20San Antonio ISDYoung Women's Leadership Academy
20Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISDAllison Steele Enhanced Learning Center
20Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISDBarbara Jordan Int
20Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISDByron P Steele Ii HS
20Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISDCibolo Valley Elementary
20Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISDDobie J H
20Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISDElaine Schlather Intermediate School
20Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISDGreen Valley Elementary
20Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISDJohn Sippel Elem
20Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISDLaura Ingalls Wilder Int
20Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISDNorma J Paschal Elementary
20Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISDRay D Corbett J H
20Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISDRose Garden Elementary
20Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISDSamuel Clemens H S
20Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISDSchertz Elementary
20Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISDSchertz-Cibolo-U City ISD - Dist. Office
20Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISDWatts Elementary
20Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISDWiederstein Elementary
20School Of Excellence In EducationDR DAVID C WALKER EL
20School Of Excellence In EducationDR DAVID M COPELAND EL
20School Of Excellence In EducationDr Harmon W Kelley Elementary
20School Of Excellence In EducationDr James L Burch Elementary
20School Of Excellence In EducationDr Paul S Saenz J H
20School Of Excellence In EducationPre-K Academy
20School Of Excellence In EducationRick Hawkins H S
20Somerset ISDEarly College Leadership Academy
20Somerset ISDS/Sgt Michael P Barrera Veterans Elementary
20Somerset ISDSavannah Heights Intermediate School
20Somerset ISDSomerset Early Childhood Elementary
20Somerset ISDSomerset Elementary
20Somerset ISDSomerset High School
20Somerset ISDSomerset ISD - Dist. Office
20Somerset ISDSomerset Junior High
20South San Antonio ISDAbraham Kazen Middle
20South San Antonio ISDAlan B Shepard Middle
20South San Antonio ISDAthens Elementary
20South San Antonio ISDDwight Middle
20South San Antonio ISDFive Palms Elementary
20South San Antonio ISDFrank Madla Elementary
20South San Antonio ISDHernandez Learning Center
20South San Antonio ISDHutchins Elementary
20South San Antonio ISDKindred Elementary
20South San Antonio ISDMiguel Carrillo Jr Elementary
20South San Antonio ISDNeil Armstrong Elementary
20South San Antonio ISDPalo Alto Elementary
20South San Antonio ISDPrice Elementary
20South San Antonio ISDRobert C Zamora Middle
20South San Antonio ISDRoy Benavidez Elementary
20South San Antonio ISDSo San Antonio H S West
20South San Antonio ISDSouth San Antonio H S
20South San Antonio ISDSouth San Antonio ISD - Dist. Office
20Southside ISDFreedom Elementary
20Southside ISDJulian C Gallardo Elementary
20Southside ISDJulius Matthey MS
20Southside ISDLosoya Intermediate
20Southside ISDSouthside Alter Ctr
20Southside ISDSouthside H S
20Southside ISDSouthside Heritage Elementary
20Southside ISDW M Pearce Primary
20Southwest ISDBOB Hope Elementary
20Southwest ISDBig Country Elementary
20Southwest ISDElm Creek Elementary
20Southwest ISDFrancis R Scobee Junior High
20Southwest ISDHidden Cove Elementary
20Southwest ISDIndian Creek Elementary
20Southwest ISDKriewald Rd Elementary
20Southwest ISDLegacy High
20Southwest ISDMedio Creek Elementary
20Southwest ISDResnick Middle
20Southwest ISDRonald E Mcnair Sixth Grade School
20Southwest ISDSharon Christa McAuliffe Junior High School
20Southwest ISDSky Harbour Elementary
20Southwest ISDSouthwest Academy
20Southwest ISDSouthwest Elementary
20Southwest ISDSouthwest H S
20Southwest ISDSouthwest ISD - Dist. Office
20Southwest ISDSpicewood Park ES
20Southwest ISDSun Valley Elementary
20Southwest Preparatory SchoolSouthwest Preparatory - New Directions
20Southwest Preparatory SchoolSouthwest Preparatory - Northeast Campus
20Southwest Preparatory SchoolSouthwest Preparatory - Northwest Elem
20Southwest Preparatory SchoolSouthwest Preparatory - Northwest High
20Southwest Preparatory SchoolSouthwest Preparatory - Southeast Campus
20Southwest Preparatory SchoolSouthwest Preparatory -Seguin El
20St George Episcopal SchoolSt. George Episcopal School
20St Luke's Episcopal SchoolSt Luke's Episcopal School
20Stockdale ISDStockdale Elementary
20Stockdale ISDStockdale H S
20Stockdale ISDStockdale ISD - Dist. Office
20Stockdale ISDStockdale J H
20Sunshine Cottage Sch-DeafSunshine Cottage
20The Montessori School of San AntonioMontessori School of San Antonio
20The San Antonio Country Day MontessoriThe San Antonio Country Day Montessori
20Trinity Christian AcademyTrinity Christian Academy
20Utopia ISDUtopia ISD - Dist. Office
20Winston School Of San AntonioWinston School
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